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Cooling System

coolingThe leading cause of mechanical breakdown today is coolant system failure. This is usually due to an overheated engine. Is your vehicle overdue for a cooling system service?

The cooling system is your engine’s only means of releasing the heat that builds to incredible temperatures inside the engine block. Water, mixed with coolant, carries the heat from the engine to the radiator where the fins dissipate built up heat.

Coolant is composed of water, glycol and an additive package. A coolant’s colour or freeze point is not a good indicator as to its ability to resist internal corrosion. Manufacturer studies have shown that the additive package in coolant can break down in less than a year at which point the coolant starts to attack itself with corrosion, rust and scale, thus clogging the internal passages and chocking the flow of coolant.

With our Cooling System Exchange Service a coolant exchange machine will be connected to your vehicle and professional strength cleaner will be circulated throughout the coolant system, which will:

• Remove old, contaminated coolant
• Flush rust, scale, silicate and organic sludge deposits from the entire cooling system
• Belts, hoses, thermostat and connections will be inspected and replaced if necessary
• A new fortified coolant and conditioner will be pumped into the system

Performing this service on your vehicle will:

• Allow your vehicle to operate more efficiently
• Prevent overheating
• Control rust and corrosion
• Balance coolant PH
• Extend the life of coolant system components such as radiator, heater core, cylinder heads, gaskets and temperature sensors

This service is recommended every 2 years or 50,000km. *Dex-Cool every 100,000km to 150,000km.