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Engine Flush

engineYou have always changed your vehicle’s oil on schedule because you know it is the right thing to do, right?

Every time you do an oil change deposits from the old oil are being left behind. These deposits form into sludge and varnish. High temperatures in the engine and oil lead to thermal breakdown of even the finest engine oil. The computerized, precisely tuned engine in your vehicle is extremely sensitive to deposits that build up in the lubricated areas of your engine. Even small amounts that form on critical components reduce performance and accelerate wear. No amount of draining will remove all the debris.

With our Engine Flush Service a safe and effective cleaner is used in combination with a specially formulated motor oil additive. This service in conjunction with the oil change will:

  • Remove and suspend harmful accumulated contaminants, gums and varnish deposits

Performing this service on your vehicle will:

  • Keep your engine clean and reduce wear
  • Improve performance and fuel economy
  • Prevent oil from thickening and forming harmful deposits and sludge
  • Improve cold weather starting
  • Extend engine life Reduce harmful emissions

This service is recommended every 12 months or 24,000km or as required.