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transmissionThe automatic transmission in your vehicle has more moving parts than any other system and works hard every minute you drive. Just like the oil in the engine the automatic transmission fluid (ATF) suffers from heat, friction and contamination over time. Slowly, these parts start to accumulate gums and varnish deposits as the fluid begins to break down and oxidize. This can result in a serious malfunction or complete failure of the transmission.

With our Complete Automatic Transmission Service an exchange machine is connected to your vehicles cooler line and a professional strength cleaner is added to the system which will:

  • Circulate through the transmission, valve body, torque converter and cooler to dissolve and suspend gums and varnish deposits
  • Flush all old fluid and suspended debris
  • Replace transmission filter if required
  • Install new transmission fluid
  • Fortify new fluid with oxidation inhibitors, seal conditioners and friction modifiers

Performing this service on your vehicle will:

  • Help prevent costly repairs and extend the life of the transmission
  • Help eliminate hard shifting, slipping and clatter
  • Recondition seals and o-rings to prevent leaks

 This service is recommended every 2 years or 50,000km.