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Wheel Alignment

wheel_alignmentProper wheel alignment is essential to proper road handling – that’s a given. What’s more, alignment increases the lifespan of your tires by preventing premature wear and tear. Even if you don’t notice any “pull” while driving, you should get your alignment checked annually or every 24,000 kilometers. We use state-of-the-art equipment to measure and adjust to specifications. Ask your AUTOPRO technician for more information about this often neglected service.

With our state of the art John Bean alignment equipment, we are able to look at the entire vehicle’s suspension and recommend the best repair procedure. Wheel alignments are the specific adjustments made to your vehicle’s suspension to optimize ride handling and steering characteristics. Each manufacturer specifies precise settings to achieve the maximum performance of your vehicle. Maintaining the factory specified suspension setting will make your vehicle safer and easier to drive. Steering pull, unsteady or loose steering, and hard steering can be caused by misalignment conditions. A properly aligned vehicle can save you money! Misalignment conditions can cause greatly accelerated tire wear, poor fuel economy, and excessive wear on the other suspension parts.