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Systems We Use

Systems We Use
Air Conditioning Service (Robinair 34700 Computerized service center)

The lack of refrigerant may result in air conditioning system failure. It is necessary that your air conditioning system be checked for proper operation and refrigerant charge at least once a year. The refrigerant carries a special oil that lubricates the seals and internal moving parts. The lack of adequate refrigerant oil can result in costly system failures. With our Robinair 34700 we can diagnose and repair the most difficult air conditioning problems.

New tire sales (Michelin, Uniroyal, Hankook, Remington, etc.)

4 Wheel Alignment (3 Dimensional John Bean Visualiner)

With our state of the art John Bean alignment equipment, we are able to look at the entire vehicle’s suspension and recommend the best repair procedure. Wheel alignments are the specific adjustments made to your vehicle’s suspension to optimize ride handling and steering characteristics. Each manufacturer specifies precise settings to achieve the maximum performance of your vehicle. Maintaining the factory specified suspension setting will make your vehicle safer and easier to drive. Steering pull, unsteady or loose steering, and hard steering can be caused by misalignment conditions. A properly aligned vehicle can save you money! Misalignment conditions can cause greatly accelerated tire wear, poor fuel economy, and excessive wear on the other suspension parts.

Fuel Injection Diagnostics & GM Computer Reprogramming

(OTC Genisys with monthly updates and high speed internet connection to GM update website)

The OTC Genisys is the most advanced aftermarket diagnostic tool in the industry. We Test your vehicle’s computer system completely. No expensive “hit or miss” approach – we pinpoint the problem exactly the first time!

Coolant Flushing

Robinair 75700 Cooltech coolant flushing machine

This is the most advanced coolant flushing machine available. Servicing your cooling system on a regular basis helps neutralize the agents that cause electrochemical degradation in your engine. The Robinair 75700 will help prevent the cost of major cooling system failures. The composite materials that are used in building the latest complex engines make it even more important to provide proper cooling system maintenance. Such maintenance will prevent unnecessary head gasket, water pump, heater core, radiator, and other cooling system component failure, thus saving you money.
Transmission Flushing

T-Tech Transmission Flushing Machine
The T-Tech transmission flush machine provides a revolutionary method to change automatic transmission fluid and prevent repairs. Your car’s transmission is thoroughly cleaned and protected with new automatic transmission fluid and BG conditioners.


Nine out of 10 transmission failures are caused by overheating and fluid consumption.
A conventional transmission service only replaces 25-40% of the old fluid. When new transmission fluid is added it is immediately contaminated.
Surveys conducted by the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association show as many as 13 million transmissions fail each year.


Provides a complete 100% Fluid Change
Extends the life of your transmission
Improves Transmission Performance and promotes smooth shifting

Fuel Injection Service

MotorVac Fuel injection service

The MotorVac Carbon Cleaning System is a revolutionary new process that will clean your vehicle’s fuel system, including injectors, and remove harmful carbon deposits. This system utilizes a unique cleaning solution that will not damage your vehicle’s sophisticated engine components. As your vehicle ages, dirt, varnishes and sludge deposits have been forming in your vehicle’s fuel system on the intake valves and in the combustion area. These build-ups can deprive your vehicle of performance. Some of the symptoms related to carbon buildup are engine hesitation, poor acceleration, lack of power, repeated stalling when cold, poor performance when cold, rough idle, and poor fuel economy. These build-ups, if left untreated may lead to costly engine repairs. After the MotorVac Carbon Cleaning System cleans your engine, you will notice improved performance, acceleration and increased fuel economy.

Brake Flush System

EEBR311A BrakeKareâ„¢ Brake Flush System

Safe, easy, quick and complete method for maintaining hydraulic brake systems. Do it all, automatically:
1) Extracts the waste brake fluid;
2) Cleans, flushes and refills the system with new fluid and;
3) Bleeds the automotive brake system.
No technical experience is needed, little technician time is required, and there’s no mess. The BrakeKare™ System offers a profitable add-on service to brake jobs, oil changes, tune-ups, general repairs or scheduled maintenance.

EEBR311A BrakeKareâ„¢ System Features

Comprehensive hydraulic brake system service: cleaning plus diagnostics in 10–12 minutes
Test strips provide technician with visual indicators of brake system condition
Extracts old brake fluid and disposes to internal waste container
Reduces chance of technician contact with messy, contaminated fluid
Flushes system with pulsating pressure at the master cylinder reservoir and vacuum at all four bleeders at once
Refills with new fluid, and bleeds system
Can also be used for hydraulic clutch flush service
Step-by-step electronic control panel for ease-of-operation
Connects to the vehicle’s master cylinder through reservoir adaptors
Restores soft pedal pressure, reduces corrosion of internal brake components, and improves braking system safety

Emission Diagnosis

Evaporative Emissions Diagnosis

Evaporative emissions diagnostic smoke machine delivers fully automatic EVAP system testing plus general purpose applications. Vapor trail and/or fluorescent dye pinpoint leaks.

• Oil Leaks • EGR Valve • Wind and Water Leaks • PCV Valve and Hoses • Air Cleaner Assembly • Mass Air Flow Meter • Vacuum Switches • Loose Clamps • Throttle Body Shaft • Diaphragms • Air Valves • Map Sensors • Exhaust Manifolds • Exhaust Pipes and Mufflers • Vacuum Hoses • Intake gaskets • Air Ducts • Carburetor Base Gasket • Injector O-rings

Battery Testing

Battery/Charging System Testing

MCR-500XL, the new standard of XLence for battery and electrical diagnostics.

Building on the strength of Midtronics patented technology and field experience, the Micro 500XL offers advanced technology, including:

AGM Testing Algorithm – test capabilities to match the changing battery landscape
Improved battery algorithms – more decisive, more accurate than ever before
Enhanced in-vehicle test algorithms based on OEM requirements and vehicle changes, including jumper-post testing for vehicles with remote batteries
Quick starter analysis without disabling the ignition
Graphical printout of charging system parameters provides an accurate analysis the customer can easily understand

Power Steering Fluid Exchange

BG Professional Power steering fluid exchange system

Our skilled technicians will use a safe, powerful cleaner to dissolve and suspend varnish and deposits that form in your car’s power steering system. He will then install new high-tech fluid to protect against noise, wear and leakage in the system.

Power Steering Service benefits:

Alleviates steering squeal caused by sticking valves.
Corrects that “jerky” feeling on the steering wheel.
Helps Prevent Fluid Leaks.
Reduces wear.

Exhaust Replacement

Exhaust replacement & performance exhaust installation

Brake Replacement Specialists

Brake replacement specialists (Pro-cut PFM-900 on car brake lathe)

The patented Pro-Cut on-car brake lathe has revolutionized the brake service industry through computer-aided precision that can deliver a level of accuracy beyond the scope of any other method of rotor turning.

The lathe mounts directly onto the hub of the car’s wheel, thus providing a direct link and, once aligned, perfectly “matched” rotor. This eliminates brake vibration and extends the life of the rotors and pads. There are a number of Pro-Cut lathes on the market. The top of the line PFM900 lathe is fully automated, which further eliminates any chance of human error and greatly enhances the accuracy. The Pro-Cut lathe is the only on-car lathe approved and recommended by DaimlerChrysler, Ford, and General Motors.