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Fleet Services

Our service direction at LAD’S AUTO

Is quite simple:
Reduce stress and amount of non-productive time for our fleet clients. Based on a fleet needs analysis for your business we will develop and propose a thorough Fleet Account Schedule of Services which can be tailored explicitly for your business needs.

The difference between us and other fleet service repair/maintenance providers is simple. We are not a breakdown repair facility, waiting and hoping for you to have a breakdown so we can generate revenue to pay our bills. We are an appointment based maintenance facility, by performing inspections and following strict manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines we truly have a desire to save you time and money!

By being productive all day long because we are appointment based, performing small ticket maintenance work then we do not want or need large ticket breakdown work which is unplanned, unbudgeted and for our part very unproductive. Breakdown work costs you thousands of dollars and makes us very disorganized and unproductive. When a common automotive service provider waits for breakdown work to show up, they will always over commit and under deliver to their clients. LAD’S AUTO constantly strives to leave you in control of your money and business.

We will be the professionals you can trust and count on to maintain/repair your vehicles, keeping your units running and generating revenue for your business. We understand what your time per minute value is as we measure our business in the very same way! Your personalized Fleet Account Schedule of Services will be accomplished by first understanding your needs through a consultation. We will learn about your stresses due to non-operational vehicles, thoroughly explain our list of services, and mutually understand how we can reduce those stresses by presenting a custom built service maintenance program for your fleet.

At LAD’S AUTO, since the beginning, has enjoyed rapid growth by maintaining exceptional customer service in the automotive industry. As an authorized new vehicle maintenance facility and as a new vehicle warranty manager facility we understand the need to stay on top of technology. We at LAD’S AUTO, have state-of-the-art, manufacturer specific diagnostic equipment for computer and electrical trouble shooting on all foreign and domestic vehicles. This will allow us to diagnose and repair your vehicle on a timely basis, in turn saving you our valued customer, significant dollars on a yearly basis
LAD’S AUTO Value Added Services:

Schedule next appointment (service) every time. Avoiding costly breakdowns and unit down time as well as ensuring your vehicle warranty is never refused due maintenance service intervals performed past allowable kilometers.
Perform inspections for safety & maintenance on every vehicle, every time.
Complete Diagnostic Capabilities
Track and perform all regular scheduled maintenance required by your manufacturer to ensure validity of your warranty.
Consult with our customer on all identified needed repairs which were not performed at time of last visit. This will ensure less costly breakdowns, stressful situations, and more productive work time.
Report and consult on all needed repairs.
Prioritize needed repairs in order of safety and importance not related to cost.
Ensure all maintenance and repairs are pre-scheduled according to your seasonal slow periods.
Computer generated work orders invoices.
Pick-up and delivery of vehicles. (As required)
Will provide shuttle service to or from LAD’S AUTO
After hours drop-off.
Yearly reports on all expenses to help you forecast and budget expenditures for the forth coming fiscal year (on request).
Identifying your services by unit number so you can easily track problem units.
Competitive labour rate balanced with the ability to afford the most qualified technicians in the industry
We will source parts for you to achieve the best possible price considering cost, quality and availability.
Warranty – One Year or 20,000 KM

We will hold quarterly meetings to review our report card and address all concerns you may have to better serve you and to stay current with your changing needs. With this brief introduction to LAD’S AUTO, we want to ensure our fleet clients are focused on a mutually beneficial relationship allowing us the opportunity to earn your confidence and business.