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Drive Line

drive-lineSmaller, more powerful and efficient engines are common place in today’s vehicles. Consequently, the drive trains have become smaller and operate under much more load. They have caused a drastic increase in drive train operating temperatures. Working temperatures of 149°C (300°F) is now average and place tremendous stress on drive train lubricants. Thermal breakdown and deposit formation have become common, shortening the life of gear lubricants and components they are supposed to protect.

With our Complete Drive Line Service we will:

  • Remove old, worn out lubricants from the applicable differential, transmission, transaxle or transfer case
  • Efficiently flush out housing and components
  • Inspect the assemblies for proper wear and leaks
  • Install premium synthetic lubricant that will not break down under extreme, high temperature and load conditions and an additive for limited slip applications if required

Performing this service on your vehicle will:

  • Extend component life through superior protection
  • Reduce drive train noise
  • Promote smooth and consistent operation in extreme climates
  • Achieve optimum drive line efficiency
  • Help avoid costly repairs

This service is recommended every 2 years or 48,000km.